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Thanks for the info. I'll try the baseball cap either today or for sure this weekend.

Duck of Death:

The Rohrbaugh is a great little gun, but like you, I would rather have the frame in steel. I feel I have to "baby" the gun more than any other gun I own.

I've not tried the MMC rear with the Dawson f/o front. Lately,I've been messing with the Heinie Slant Pro. I even kinda like the front and rear combination they give you, reminds me of my 1911's. I did start changing one of the front sight combo's to a fiber optic. Presently, I can't decide if I like red, green or orange fiber, and then to complicate matters, whether I should use .090, .105, or .125 fiber. I think I'm myself's worse enemey...I complicate things too much, but its fun and a challenge. Someday, I would like to discuss the rear sight opening. I'm trying to research what opening Brian Enos used on a rear sight. (some sort of a triangle cut)

Also, do you know the weight of the striker once you've reduced its mass. I will then have a end result to achieve.

And for some reason, I can't comprehend how to reslot the trigger, in order to make the trigger safety operable. If I notch the frame itself, will I beable to restore the gun to original, if I decide to sell it? I removed the plastic trigger from the trigger bar last night, but all I did was look at it. One would think this could be an area where some modifications/improvements could take place.

Have a good day.

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