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Since two good threads are bound to be buried I'm copying two links to access a nice detail stripping of a Glock video. Pictures are worth a thousand words but it's always better to be able to watch it happen with a thousand words being played, too!!

Stats on the video:

12.14 MB video in .avi format of a man detail stripping a Glock 22. 7:08 minutes using DivxG400 codec, 320 x 216 resolution, 1.48:1 aspect ratio. A very good watch for beginners. Glocks are (not so) surprisingly easy to detail strip and reassemble. After one time you'll smack yourself on how easy it is and can do it from then on!

Uses the DivX codecs, Google that or go to to download.
(If you hear just sound but see no picture or nothing comes up at all.)
Link 1: (Hosted by me. Right-click and "Save target as" to download.)

Link 2: (Hosted on a website, better link but may eventually break.)

At the bottom of the page, same video.

Link 3: (Hosted at

While they have annoying ads, none of it is malicious. Some of you might be confused how this free hosting works. Included below is the picture. Where the arrow is pointing is a timer that counts down. At around 10 seconds a popup slides right over that, just exit that popup and a link will be below that, right where the redbox/timer is. Just click it to download and save. I highly recommend it.

If neither link works, PM and I'll rehost it and update this post.

About the video: The guy uses a roll of tape, a punch, and a hammer to remove the pins from the receiver (frame.) People on this board don't recommend it citing damage as the reason why. However, I used a hex wrench (that matched with the appropriate pins,) a hammer, and the roll of tape. Just a few light taps and the pins pop right out. I did not experience any trouble using this method, no damage or anything. I do not see what the fuss is about unless you are uncoordinated and miss completely. (Although I suspect the frame is very sturdy and will hold up but might receive a few scratches.) YMMV.

EDIT: "If you manipulate the slide stop lever while pushing the trigger pin with the punch, the pin will come out. Hitting the punch with the mallet is a good way to damage the slide stop lever spring." Shamelessly taken from another thread. Use whichever method you're comfortable with but if this way is safer on the firearm then use it.
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