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Re: Steak - N - Shake Chili

Originally posted by proshooter
I have always enjoyed Steak - N - Shake chili. I get a bowl of it every time I go there. I got a copy-cat recipe off the internet some years ago. The actual recipe is a well guarded secret, but this tastes just like the real thing!

2 tsp Hershey's Cocoa Powder
10 oz. Coca-Cola (not diet)

Can be served with chopped onions, cheese and Fritos if desired.

Speaking of Restaurant Chili's and "secret ingredient's", my sister's husband grew up in Cincinnati,Ohio. He took me and my sister back there, after they married, before I married, and took us to "Skyline Chili". Their Chili is delicious. They have 3-way, 4-way, etc. His favorite that he taught us is over spaghetti, with cheddar cheese and onion.

For years, he tried to recreate their recipe and just about did...finding "Chocolate" to be a secret of their recipe too.

If you have Publix Grocery Stores in your area, they have it in their Entre Frozen Section. You can PM me, if you find it and want to know how to serve it! We have introduced it to just about all of our friends and it is always a favorite food at our home, and a favorite memory!
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