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offical results..D.T. 215 WFNGC

Re the D.T. 215

I like the overall of the 215 your using now compared with the 200 B.T. Without pulling a bullet, it looks like you changed up the crimp groove location slightly.....if so, it was a good idea.

By the by, supposing what, around 21 inches penetration in Gel.,? Probably at least.

Running the numbers, I see no difference at all between this loading and 41 mag loads. Sectional density is slightly better with the 215 gr. D.T., over the 220gr. 41 Mag. bullet plus, velocity is right there with the 41 mag especially with the 6" Glock barrels....Unless I am missing something, I now have my old 41 mag back ! I always did miss my 41 mag., but no longer...

Thanks for working the combination out for the 215 load.


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