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Originally posted by Patricia
You tried it yet??? Inquiring minds.
Oh heck yeah. It was great. I posted about it in the FOOD forum. Here's a link to the recipe...,00.html
The only tweeks to the recipe I'd suggest would be to cut back on the espresso quantity a little....if you use the suggested ammount they twinkies will be soaked and will totally would be nice if they maintained a little more of their original consistency. You want to get them mostly colored without drenching them. Also, make sure you dont whip the cream too stiff or it will tend to tear up the twinkines while you try to spread it since, of course, the twinkies are pretty friggin sopping with espresso.

So I saw this on the Food network the other day and I had tivo save the episode..... the next day I made it up in the afternoon.....than night my wife is watching tv and started the episode I had saved. So its desert time, I've got this resting in the fridge, she's watching they guy make this, she says "wow, that sounds great", I'm IM'ing Sharon and I say "she just said "wow, that sounds great"", then I go and whip it out and she's like "WTH!!". Pretty good stuff.
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