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Great Advice

Hello. I'm new to this site and first time Glock owner. I purchased a Glock 37 picked it up Saturday (3-18) and shot it Sunday. I'm a USMC Vietnam Veteran and I haven't fired a weapon but a few times since Vietnam. Katrina is what pushed me to finally get a weapon. Watching those lowlife armed looters in the State of Louisiana, specifically New Orleans really woke me up, and I live in California. Course no hurricane but another "Loma Prieta" could cause some major chaos. I was in that quake. Anyway now I have an excuse to go blast targets at the range. Man that smell of powder at the range brings back so many memories. My first weapon(Not including M14 at bootcamp) was an M-16 issued to me in Quang-Tri, fired and sighted in at the Rockpile just under the DMZ May 1968. Man this Glock 37 kicks 5 times harder than an M-16, but I love it. I didn't do to bad at the range either. Well thanks again for the advice and info. CG13.
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