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Mag and tool

Some of the comments above sound like the video is not being followed fully. (Excellent Randy - I have done technical training too in another field)

It really is that simple, but I can see some folks are not using a tool that has the dimensions of the Glock tool. I made one from a good quality T6 screwdriver tool by just nipping the torx head off the end with a Dremel. Shaft is about 35-40mm long.Easier to find and cheaper than the tool, try Sears for ex.

The Glock tool dimensions are ideal for them and I have seen many posts where a pin puch of 3/32 is used. These do not have a long enough shaft in the straight area. Others try awls or what ever too, a taper is not going to work on some tasks on the Glock.

Thanks to the armorer where I bought mine, I got the guided tour upon purchase for disassembly.

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