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Originally posted by R. Gibson
Like many, I usually use full metal jacketed round nose at range. What are my chances of contacting lead this way?
Unfortunately, exposure is still relatively high.

It is important to realize that lead is released into the range environment as fired rounds hit the backstop and/or at the target (depending on how robust the target itself is). FMJ rounds may redude this effect somewhat, but if you look at the debris that collects at the backstop, it seems unlikely that jacketing the rounds does much to prevent release. Its also impossible to know what other shooters are using for ammo and primers.

Check out this CDC Link and this UTEXAS Link for more information.

I think that if you follow some reasonable guidelines and routines, you can effectively reduce your exposure, and therefore better manage the associated risk.

All (worthwhile ) activities in this life involve some degree of risk; its all about understanding and managing those risks.

Have fun, be safe.

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