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Your right Unclebob, I don't always have 10 mag's on hand. On a normal range day I'll have 5 or so in the range bag, and another two in the box with the G17.

Mr. Murphy has done enough to me in the past few year's to start a thread or a blog, just on him & his escapade's. I wonder what he pack's?

We don't have a need for CCW here, if and when I carry the G17 while hunting I normally have two mag's on me, I think that 34 round's will be more than I could need. As a rule I carry the Colt Detective Special 2, with 2 speedloader's filled with SJHP.

Apart from that one spring that broke on me, I aint replaced any of the other's and they work fine.

Tank's and Glock's are for life saving,
not just for xmas.
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