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Originally posted by unclebob
Do you always carry 10 mags with you all the time? I'm a firm believer in Murphy's law. I don't care if you went out to the range and shoot you grandpas mag that has been loaded since World War 1. Would you take it and use that mag for a carry piece. I sure would not, Yes it works fine out on the practice range but when the chip are down Murhpy takes over. How many of you go out to the range and shoot a gun nothen happens. Go to a match and as soon as the buzzer goes off everything goes to hell, Murhphy's Law at work again. If you like carrying a mag in your gun that has been loaded for the last 10 years that is your prerogative. Me, I switch mags every month and change the ammo every 6 months. just like the battery in the smoke detecter. I know Murphy all to well. Just my 2 cents.
Nobody said never to change mag springs or rotate mags. WHat has been said is the the issue of spring set is way overblown.

You don't need to change mag springs every six months in the vast majority of cases.
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