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Originally posted by TommyT
The UK and the US have always been the strongest of Allies. When it comes to support and fighting together, the US has no closer friend than the UK. We have a long and happy history together, and long may it continue.
Agreed. And while it may seem vaquely disloyal, I must share a humorous memory with you...

I spent 3 years in Berlin, Germany (back in the mid-60's, when it really counted!) and served alongside many Allied forces, including members of the British Security Group. One evening in a favorite International watering hole's men's room, I happened to witness an American G.I. . . . regrettably of the lower order, and deep into the bottle by this time . . . make fun of a somewhat smallish soldier, one of Her Majesty's Royal Highlanders, in his kilts. I believe there was some comment about a man not wearing a skirt. Well, by the time the smoke cleared it was evident that Men do, indeed, occasionally wear such garments and had what it took to demonstrate the fact as well. I believe that particular soldier has, to this day, a remarkably different view of kilts and the men who wear them proudly.

Just thought you'd enjoy that.
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