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Originally posted by Tempest UK
Dear Friends,

I would urge you not to label the English as spineless liberals with no interest in the direction of their country.

If I were to take up residence in the United States, I most probably would choose to own a firearm, and then, depending on my location and circumstances, a CCW. I would also bitterly defend the right of all (...) Americans to do so, as you would.

However, I do not live in America. Whilst we lack a "right" to bear arms in Britain, we also lack a history of a media spawned fear of communism, and other imperceptible evils which though we cannot put a name to, we believe we can keep at bay by tucking a pistol into out belts when we drive to work. We are two countries that came into being quite differently, and sadly a great many people have still not realised this.

What I'm trying to say is: I support your right to keep and bear arms one hundered percent, and if asked to stick myself at one particular end of the relative spectrum, I would deem myself "pro-gun". However, that does not mean I think my own country should categorically have the same right. This may be hard for you to understand. I don't expect you to.

Kindest regards,
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