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Re: Re: and that's as should be.

Originally posted by TommyT
What rubbish!

We have never had the right to bear arms in this country, yet we seem to have managed to get by over the last couple of thousand years quite nicely without any "liberty" issues, thank you very much.

You talk of liberty, yet you live in a society where a policeman practically has one hand on his sidearm and has to bark orders from a safe distance when he does a routine traffic stop, for fear of getting shot.

If that's liberty, you can keep it!
Well, now... Seems to me that your bar is set pretty low, Tommy. If all that you need is a few thousand years of simple history to demonstrate that a society is getting along just fine, then I guess most of Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe also qualify as "getting by quite nicely"...famine, genocide, pestilence, pogroms and political upheavals aside. However, I believe most Americans would like something more than that, thank you very much, which is why the tea hit the harbor in the first place. Most of least those of us of the ilk that participate in venues like this...would be loathe to passively sit still for a destiny which placed us under the yoke of Communism, for example, and the direction that our Liberals would lead us in recent history has us going in exactly that direction. Passive acceptance, for many of us, is not an option although we respect that that may be the answer for you. Note that I said 'respect'...not 'admire'. I wouldn't presume to shove a gun into your hands and make you behave in a way I believe to be in your best interest, and I would trust that you'd show me the same courtesy. Similarly, I won't ridicule your choice...

As for you never having had a Right to bear arms in your country, well, that's not exactly true. That Right (or more accurately in your case, 'privilege') was enjoyed by your 'Betters'...your 'Superiors'...those members of your society whose personal safety was more valuable to the King and who were expected to bear arms in their own, society's and the King's defense. Those of you of the "lower classes" weren't deemed worthy of needing arms, and so that privilege was never extended to you. When this country was created, it was done on the basis of there being no 'better class'. Hence the phrase "...all men are created equal...". As a result, at least theoretically (which is the demon we're struggling with currently), no category of American should enjoy Rights not available to ALL Americans.

But, this being America, we'll work it out. And we'll continue to flourish as a result of our struggles. And we'll be there for you...with our guns!...when you need us.
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