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Originally posted by KY-Midnight

Back to my original point though, do you honestly think that police being equiped to handle more dangerous situations would make it less safe for them (and the people they are trying to protect) or was this guy way off in your view as well?
Thanks mates
No, not at all. I'd have no issues with being given a gun, but my point is it isn't wanted or needed. True we do have our buttheads, the same as anywhere else, but as I said before, the widespread distribution of guns does not exist here. Knives are much more of a daily threat.

To say our police are not armed is not actually true. We have many armed units called ARV's (Armed Response Vehicles) who are readily available should they be needed. They are armed with both handguns and semi-automatics.

Ask UK police officers if they want to be armed, and I can assure you, most will say no.
English police officer
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