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I just read on that site an article by some guy who said that arming the British police would INCREASE the risk to them. I find this mind boggling.
While I understand that you gentlemen (and ladies) have a different attitude from Americans towards firearms, crime, hunting, and self defence that is cultural, I still find it impossible to comprehend how arming the police, especially the female officers that are made the point of the article, would make it less safe for them by "increasing the expectation of violence". That seems like someone saying "if I keep my eyes closed, nothing else will exist"!
I really want to visit the UK someday, indeed, I'd like to visit most of Europe, but I won't do it because of the attitude toward firearms there. Probably seems singleminded and maybe even slightly crazy to some people.
I'm an American, bred and raised in Kentucky, in a place where you may go hundreds of miles and only see a few dozen homes. This breeds self reliance. I cannot imagine trusting that if I needed help that someone would just pop out of no where and "save" me. I suspect that in the UK, you would be hard pressed to find ANY place that is as remote as what a large portion of America is. Americans who live in places not so sparsely populated, take this mentality with them too.
I guess it comes from hacking our way out of a forest only a few hundred years ago. An environment that still readily exists today. I don't think the UK has been like that for many many more centuries, so people are more used to being able to depend on others. That and every one from the UK I've ever met was very nice and friendly not something I can say for Americans (I'm sure you guys have your share of buttheads too though)
Back to my original point though, do you honestly think that police being equiped to handle more dangerous situations would make it less safe for them (and the people they are trying to protect) or was this guy way off in your view as well?
Thanks mates
Anyone who has ever looked into the glazed eyes of a soldier dying on the battlefield will think hard before starting a war. ~Otto Von Bismark
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