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Hiya. Interesting thread. I hope we can all maintain our respect for one another and continue the discussion dispassionately.

I wanted to add an anecdote: Seems a writer - a "gun guy" - was mugged some years ago while, of all things, taking out the trash! When confronted by his Friends who basically asked, "HEY!! You're a GUN GUY!! WTF?!?", he replied that he was only taking out the trash, and didn't think he'd need a gun. What came out of that was that you carried a pistol when you didn't think you'd need was an emergency contingency. If you had reason to believe you'd need to be armed, you'd bring two rifles and a shotgun, and all your friends who had guns, preferably with pissy attitudes. The pistol was for just-in-case-but-I-don't-really-think-so occasions - basically, all the time.

Hey, Brits: Thanks for sticking by us.
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