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To be fair, you have to have really grown up here to understand it. Because it has been such a core part of the USA since it came into being, the right to bear arms is taken for granted. So when someone in the US looks at the UK, it will obviously seen totally alien to them.

If I had the power to do so, I would make the law more flexible for sport shooters (eg so our Olympic pistol shooters can train here, and make it easier for others to get into the sport). I'd hesitate to do so, but I would perhaps increase the number of armed police.

I'm a keen airsofter (airsoft replicas being the only way for me to really satisfy my interest in guns) and so the Violent Crime Reduction Bill banning such replicas has really hit me hard. Knee jerk legislation if I ever saw it. So again, that could, in my eyes, be changed.

As for a feeling of life here in relation to the need to carry a gun: I have very rarely felt threatened in public to the point where I felt the need to defend myself with anything more than my trusty pair of legs to run away, and if need be my feet and fists.

Interesting to have read your contributions to the thread, Tommy T, especially considering you're career
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