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Originally posted by Tempest UK
First post here

In regards to 2012, I beieve (I could have sowrn I heard this but I can't be certain) that although certain teams have had to travel abroad to train, events that reguire "illegal" firearms will still be permitted to take place. I can't see us striving so hard ot get the Olympics to be held here then decide to write off several events.

On a more general note, as it has been said before, despite the similarities between US and UK culture, the two can't be compared when it comes to gun control. If legislation was passed today allowing the same or similar firearms laws as the US, it would not be a good thing for the UK. It would be introducing something totally foreign into our culture, and it would be immediately exploited by criminals and opposed by the vast majority of the general public.

I myself would like our attitudes to guns to be closer to what it is in the US, but it just isn't practical. If I ever moed to the states, as I would one day like to do (not based on the gun control) then I would certainly choose to own firearms. On that note, for those in the know, where would I stand in regards to purchasing and possibly carrying a firearm in the US if I had moved there from abroad, assuming I had become a full US citizen etc? Would it be any different to someone who had lives there all their lives?

Gun control in the UK IS getting stricter, and now a bill has been passed banning the import, sale and manufacture of replica firearms (this includes items such as deactivated firearms, but leaves air rifles and shotguns untouched). So, soon, toy guns won't be legal, let alone "real steal" weapons.

At last, someone who talks with some sense.
To be honest I'm totally bored with most on here b itching about our way of life in the UK, when in fact, most have absolutely no idea about life here. You don't like it? Fine, don't come here, you wont be missed.
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