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Originally posted by westie10019
AND this proves what? There are a lot of Glock owners with to much time and money on there hands? So they take a pistol and abuse it far beyond what limit. Any person who has a firearm whose life may despend on it's use would never let the firearm get to this condition.

I humped a 16 for 91/2 months in the bush @ the Battle of Vietnam. My ass depended on this weapon working %100 of the time, it was kept clean and well maintained. So the point of abuseing this Glock is WAHT?

Grow up KIDS!

Wow, I guess your right...Ya know, maybe we shouldn’t crash cars in those stupid crash tests...I mean after all, why ruin a perfectly good car to save a few piddly lives? We shouldn't worry about how much stress a seatbelt can take, I'm sure it'll be juuuust fine... ;Q
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