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Originally posted by westie10019
AND this proves what? There are a lot of Glock owners with to much time and money on there hands? So they take a pistol and abuse it far beyond what limit. Any person who has a firearm whose life may despend on it's use would never let the firearm get to this condition.

I humped a 16 for 91/2 months in the bush @ the Battle of Vietnam. My ass depended on this weapon working %100 of the time, it was kept clean and well maintained. So the point of abuseing this Glock is WAHT?

Grow up KIDS!
It proves that Glocks are tough freakin' pistols.Its doubtful that any of our Glocks would be put through anything like this but its very interesting to see what its limits are.I would think most of the fellas here would be smart enough to keep there weapon as clean as possible when there life may depend on it.I must admit that I'm amazed of its durability.I doubt there is a steel or aluminum frame gun that is cable of this.So the point of abusing a Glock is what? BECAUSE YOU CAN!
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