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Any EMTs -- Carry Knife?

[edit: Meant to post in Cop Talk, but maybe it fits here, too, or Mods will move it.]

[edit again: I never noticed the FF/EMS Forum here. Maybe Mods will move this to the FF/EMS forum.]

I figured this might get answered here and is maybe a follow-up to an earlier post I asked on switchblades in NC. I had asked about switchblades because I was looking at a Microtech MSE but would like to find something that is close to it but in a manual version.

So, as far as something to cut webbing and break glass, what does anyone carry? The features I'd like to have are: non-pointed blade, carbide glass breaker, line cutter without having to open knife, and maybe assisted opening when opening is necessary.

I'm not looking to be a EMT-wanta-be, anymore than a CCW makes me a Cop-wanta-be. I do believe, though, that in any situation, I am my first line of defense and/or rescue.

I've looked at SOG's new Trident and it fits pretty close except it has a pointed blade.

Colt has a line that is pretty close except maybe for the fast opening.

Spiderco & Kershaw, no external cutter.


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