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Originally posted by Fingolfin
Thanks a lot for the well written, comprehensive post. Frankly i've kinda put off a CZ-52 because of the ammo availability and what I thought was questionable safety. I'll probably get one though, just because the design is so neat, and the price so appealing. Thanks again!
If you shop around on the net, even new non-corrosive S&B stuff really isn't that bad and can be bought in bulk. It can be had for about 9 bucks a box (even facotring in shipping), that beats most .45 plinking ammo.

If you shoot one, you'll want one. For me, the safety thing isn't a big deal since I won't and wouldn't advise anyone to use it for a carry gun, but the reasons you mentioned are more than worth the 150ish bucks it takes to join the club.

I am glad I finally bought one. It really is fun to shoot. The S&B ammo is pretty consistant and feels like a .357magnum (big flash, loud pop, and decently stout recoil). I have shot my brother's G20 10mm with full power loads and I think the 52 is every bit as fun. I was also surprised by the accuracy. I didn't think it was going to be that accurate. Overall I am damn glad I got at least one good exapmple of the 2 best com-block handguns, the Makarov and CZ-52. Both are worth every friggin penny.
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