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Originally posted by AggiePhil
Here's what we have for a Roll Call as of 07/06/05:

Definitely attending:

1) AggiePhil
2) Soldat
3) kjm1016
4) kjm1016's wife
5) Wildpony
6) davevand
7) rattfink1
8) ShipWreck
9) Matt19
10) 45g21
11) geminicricket
12) cmb2874
13) cmb2874's father
14) Ghetto
15) Delta
16) tgrim

Might be attending:

17) Kinny
18) ZR2Chevy22
19) Altaris
20) richardh247
21) Texas T
22) 0100010
23) UNT Glocker


add C-Doc to the list and add UNT Glocker for a definite, he is car-pooling with me down there.

My truck is full now, but if people want we can caravan down and terrorize the villages as we go through....;f

A man who is 'of sound mind' is one who keeps the inner madman under lock and key.

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