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I'm not sure what you mean by shotgun side match. There won't be any "range officers" per se. It's an open range where you just have to conduct yourself responsibly. Everything is in view of the range shop though, so I'm sure they have to tell people to quit being stupid from time to time. But what I like about ranges like this is you can do whatever kind of shooting you want to, not just the stupid "stand there still and fire at the target downrange" kind of thing. But about the shotgun stuff and "stages"... There IS a separate shotgun area with clays and traps and whatnot (not something that I'm into), but we don't have any firm plans for using that. I'm sure you could do it if you wanted to, but I'm more interested in "practical shotgun shooting" on the pistol range, where you shoot at stationary targets on the ground rather than flying clays. Not sure if that makes sense...let me know if I can clear this up any further.
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