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Originally posted by AggiePhil
OK guys. The shoot's coming up in a month. Time to start bringing things together a bit and finalizing it all. I'll do a "roll call count" later on tonight if I get a chance, but for now, I wanted to check on a few outstanding things I saw in the thread. I want to do whatever possible to make sure as many people can come as possible, but I can't do it alone.

Have you found a place to stay and maybe people to stay with?

Have you found a ride yet?

What wound up happening with all that?

Richard, did anyone ever step up to the plate and try to help you with airport pickup and transportation to Bryan? Guys, if anyone could do this, I think it'd be really nice, esp. since it looks like Richard's willing to pay quite a bit to come to this.
No, sir, no takers yet. No biggie if it can't happen.
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