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OK guys. The shoot's coming up in a month. Time to start bringing things together a bit and finalizing it all. I'll do a "roll call count" later on tonight if I get a chance, but for now, I wanted to check on a few outstanding things I saw in the thread. I want to do whatever possible to make sure as many people can come as possible, but I can't do it alone.

Originally posted by davevand
I'll be there. Definitely need to room.
Have you found a place to stay and maybe people to stay with?

Originally posted by UNT Glocker
I would like to go but I would really need to get a ride.
Have you found a ride yet?

Originally posted by Altaris
I may have a new job here in the coming weeks(would have to move too), so I have to see what happens with that before can say yes or no.
What wound up happening with all that?

Originally posted by richardh247
OK, all, I am in AZ, but I need a semi-vacation. Are of out-of-staters welcome too?

If so, I will need a pick up at the airport and drop off, plus a hotel room, all of which I will graciously tip for. I can fly from Phoenix to any airport if someone is willing to give me a ride from the closest hotel to the range and back (and have some beers on me afterward!).

My name is Richard, and my friend's name will be either Camy or Jennifer (or both). I will not post pics of them on the Internet, however, but I will of myself.

Also, I only have use of one leg, so I will probably sit there and drink beer more than I will shoot. But I know both Camy and Jenn will take full advantage of the offered course. KEEP HANDS OFF OF THEM, lol. I'll even buy lunch (steaks!) for everyone. I need a vacation.

Can anyone point me to a good airport where you'll pick us up Friday night and then drop us back off on Sunday? I'll pay you for the effort. Also need a good hotel; nothing fancy, just a bed and place to shower and have coffee.
Richard, did anyone ever step up to the plate and try to help you with airport pickup and transportation to Bryan? Guys, if anyone could do this, I think it'd be really nice, esp. since it looks like Richard's willing to pay quite a bit to come to this.
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