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The point of the linked article was that handgun cartridges as a whole suck at stopping people, .45acp included. One excerpt of the article is...

In the authors’ ongoing study of violence against law enforcement officers, they have examined several cases where officers used large-caliber hand guns with limited effect displayed by the offenders. In one case, the subject attacked the officer with a knife. The officer shot the individual four times in the chest; then, his weapon malfunctioned. The offender continued to walk toward the officer. After the officer cleared his weapon, he fired again and struck the subject in the chest. Only then did the offender drop the knife. This individual was hit five times with 230-grain, .45-caliber hollow-point ammunition and never fell to the ground. The offender later stated, “The wounds felt like bee stings.”

You say you would not depend on a 9mm in combat. With all due respect, no handgun cartridge should be trusted in combat. That's why soldiers are issued rifles (you know, firearms that shoot high-velocity projectiles) as their primary weapons, not handguns.
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