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Originally posted by Mike H
We should all believe the delightfully sweet natured Evan Marshall and his entirely believable OSS statistics. ;Q
Or perhap we should all believe the sweet natured, mild mannered and ultimately believable Marty Fackler. After all, being a medical doctor automatically makes him an expert on ballistics, doesn't it?

Now here's a novel idea! Let's all completely believe and trust little old Jeffie Cooper and do away with all weapons except 1911s, and all ammo except hardball! After all, anyone that has read Jeffie knows that you can hit an elephant in the tail with .45 hardball and put him orbit. As long as the bullet was launched from a 1911, that is!;f
In the final analysis, the soldier's pack is not so heavy a burden as the prisoner's chains. Dwight Eisenhower
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