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Originally posted by Texas T
How close is parking to the actual line? Will the vehicles be within sight at all times? I'm not comfortable having a bunch of weapons stashed in the car if I can't see it.

Also, is this open to non-GT members? Some of the folks I ride with may be interested.
Hey, what happened to the picture of you riding a motorcycle and wearing a drysuit?

To answer your questions, the firing line is very close to the parking area. The cars will probably be about 50 feet from the firing line, and all will be visible. You won't have to worry about not being able to see your car.

And yeah, we'd love to have anybody come out! However, I'd like to maybe keep it contained to direct friends of GT members, so we're all still interacting as a group. I remember at the Andice shoot, apparently some folks got invited, and it wound up segregating into basically two different shoots at the same site. Since I haven't run this by the owner and since I'll be giving him a better attendance estimate (based on posts here), it might be best to not wind up with two different events at the same place. But yeah...I'm certainly encouraging my friends to come. ^c
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