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Upgrade, smupgrade.. That won't fix a piss-poor chamber. The problem is simply the Glock chamber walls are too thin and the tennifer surface hardening makes it brittle.. The 40 Glock chamber is simply a reamed out 9mm chamber, the 45 chamber is simply a reamed out 10mm chamber.

When other brands of polymer guns kaBoom, the chambers don't blow apart like the Glock. Other brands of polymer guns have a lot thicker chambers.

Bullet setback, lead in the barrel or a double charge of powder, when combined with a thin chamber is a receipe for disaster.

Good luck finding a picture of an XD or H&K chamber than has failed.

Here is a picture if my XD-40sc chamber. Notice how thick it is and how it supports the case. If I did have a kaBoom, my reciever would be trashed, but at least I won't have to worry about shrapnel from a grenaded chamber exploding in my face. Now feild strip your 40 caliber Glock, insert bullet into chamber and take a look at it..

I'd like to see somebody take a similar photograph and post it on this forum. It's a design flaw, and nothing will convince me otherwise.;b
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