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Originally posted by Tboh
Could I ask a basic Q here?

What is the carry round that has the lease problems. Least chance of KB, Miss feed, FTE, SSS and anything else that'll likely run into as a CCW.
.40 and 9mm in G23 in hand and possibly a G26 or 27 shortly.
Has anyone figured it out?
Least reported problems appear to be the 9mm models, which would be expected since they were designed to pass tough military acceptance trials, and they've had the longest production runs. But it has to do more with what ammo you shoot than anything else. As a CCW, I'd stick to known factory loads, and you should be fine with any caliber. And run about a case (500 rds) through it, maybe in IPSC, before you give it the thumbs up.

-- cw
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