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Here is my schedule for getting a dog.
8-9 weeks old: I am home pretty much the entire time, might take a few short trips to the local store and I will take the dog along but leave him in the car.
10-12 weeks old: I work an 8-9 hour day and come home at luch to let him out. I am home if not at work.
12-14 weeks old: Still come at lunch and maybe go out 1 night for a few hours.
16 weeks old: normal schedule
Danes mature a little slower than most so that might need to be adjusted slightly.
Training room? I'm not real sure what that is? If housebreaking is done correctly there is no "room" needed.
Check out this book for a step-by-step guide on how to housebreak your pup.
Did you pet your dog today?
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