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sleeps in kennel. Can easily go all night with out peeing. Will pee in kennel about 25% of the time when I leave for 1 to 2 hours (I take him outside before I crate him).

Usually he is tethered to me, or my work area.

Sometimes when I take out the trash, or grab the mail, I will leave him out to see how he behaves (I mean, its been 6 months!).

He barks his "baby bark." the high pitched plaintive bark with the occasional whimper. He doesn't do his "big boy" WOOOOOOOF bark. But its still full blown, lost his little mind, nonstop, gonzo barking. About 2 times in 5 he'll pee right by the front door (that's the only place he does it). He even did this when i visited my dad. I asked dad to watch him while I ran to get something from the truck. i figured as long as someone was with him, he would be ok. Wrong! Its ME he misses, not company in general apparently. I come back to barking and a puddle inside dad's front door and a less than amused dad.
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