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First things first, everything you have done this far has taught the dog to go inside. ;L

Housebreaking has 1 main rule: The dog must be on a leash and tied to YOU and only you or he is in his crate. What we want to happen is for him to start going to the bathroom in-front of you so we can correct him while he is going and immediately go outside to finish while being praised for it. So the ideal situation is he sleeps in the crate and the rest of the time he is with you and your wife and take turns. Don’t be dissuaded by the thoughts of “how can I do that?”
Everywhere you go he goes. After the first day or so he won’t be bad.
How much water is he getting a day? I would a say a quart throughout the day should be good depending on activity.
Get him a decent sized water bottle (like for hamsters) if he spends more than 6 hours at a time in the crate.
If he is 100% healthy and that can be a big if….. He can hold it for about 8-10 hours easy.
Start wearing that leash and things will turn around in the first day guaranteed!!
good luck and let me know
Did you pet your dog today?
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