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I have a Brittany that is nearly 2 years old. Once he sees a deer, rabbit or other game it is nearly impossible for me to call him back/keep him for chasing the game. I have an orchard behind my house and the deer congrigate there in the winter. Now this concerns me because the orchard is really in a suburban area that is kinda hidden from the streets around. One of the streets that he could very easliy chase the deer onto is very busy. I do not want anyone to hit a deer, get hurt, kill the deer, or run over my little brittany (Sorry for the lengthy background).

Now I ran him down this morning and turned him on his back and yelled at him NO!!! How can I teach him that when I say no come I MEANIT?

When I let him out for any lenght of time I put an e-collar on him but, when I change their water in the morning and feed the rabbit and chukar I let him run around for a little bit. 90% of the time he comes right back when I call him. I do not have the e-collar on him at this time.

Thank you in advance!!

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