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Originally posted by Sidearmor
Excellent idea about the Critter Corner. I just renamed it - Woof Memorial Critter's Corner and changed the description to -
In memory of Woof, a GT member who loved animals and always had a kind word to share. A corner to discuss your pets. All animal questions and discussions are welcome.
EXCELLENT Patricia!!! I would like to think that Ed and his golden buddy Woof are both smiling down upon this site right now......

That is a fitting thing to do......Ed loved dogs (and CATS too I think!!! heh!! ;f ) and naming the Critter Corner after him is the RIGHT and JUST thing to do.....and the LEAST we can do for such a gentle soul.......

God Bless Ed and his buddy Woof.......
Ed ---->;w ;w <----Woof

Will someone PLEASE let his wife know that we have named a forum here for him??? Maybe print a few posts about naming the forum for him and send them to his wife????
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