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( ... sigh ... ) Tazz, I realize the frustration over the difficulty of finding full power 10mm ammo must inevitably weigh heavily on your soul, but PLEASE try to at least maintain your promised marginally adequate efforts to discharge your 10-Ring administrative duties to which you have pledged your undying devotion.
-- If you dig down about 2" in your in-basket (5 cm if you have switched to metric), you will find the minutes of the September 31 10-Ring Board meeting. You remember, the one which authorized the retrofit of the turbochargers onto the diesels that power the Tahitian Lagoon wave machines; this was, of course, done at your request (and despite your earlier opposition, which you may be reluctant to recall) to provide you the pipeline action for your ho-daddy surfing experience.
-- Now look at the new business listing on the next page. You will see that the 10-Ring Board authorized the creation of the 10-Ring DUNGEON Board as a support structure. The 10-Ring Dungeon Board would handle all the routine mundane financial and adminstrative detail, thus freeing the main 10-Ring Board for high level conceptual policy formulation rotated with the sodden drunkedness that is the hallmark of most aspects of 10-Ring ownership and physical existence. It was SPECIFICALLY stated that 10mm ownership was not required for this subsidiary staffing; THIS made it possible to post my sorry non-10-owning lowly-pond-scum identity to this important function. Hey, I HAVE fired 50 rounds of full-power 10mm NORMA ammo! That's more than a lot of your 10-Ring members can claim!
-- If you check MMA10's post, you will see that he is referring to the correct board in his assignment of this important investigation. Correct execution of this task is beyond the capabilities of the "Regular" 10-Ring Board. I think even you would be willing to admit that, at times, many members of the ruling 10-Ring junta would experience difficulty finding their own rear ends with both hands AND a hunting dog!

Samurai Rabbi
Big Dawg #69, Senior 10 Ring Dungeon Resident

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