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Samurai, you need to be aware that even though we are allowing you to do all the dirty work investigating Rusty's roving rendezvouous repartitions, you are not, nor can you be, on any 10 Ring Board (except this one), until you break down, oops, i mean "rise up" out of that bright colorful 10 Ring Dungeon of Dali by buying your way to the top, (yes, wave by buy) and join up with the cream of the crop in the 10 Ring Castle Towers Penthouse Pet Suities. MMA10, you know that. (Not a criticism, we all know 10 Ringers are above reproach and, of course, the law). To get a 10 you must be a 10, and to be a 10 you must have a 10, and to have a 10 you must get a 10, and to do all that you must understand what i just said. Do you play golf?

Your first and best weapon or tool is always your mind.

Reality always takes precedence.

The only thing that should come between you, and any gun... is comfort. Get Agrip!

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