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-- Listen up, you 10-Ring sleazeballs (pardon my redundancy), we're going to try it again!
-- Another Intergalactic Kegger will be held at 8PM on Saturday, June 31. We have decided to eliminate the 7PM Philosophical Dissertation; the lecturer is unreliable, and nobody seems sober enough to care about the subject, anyway!
-- We do request that the attendees make an effort to reduce the level of depraved debauchery from the last event. If the number of events can be reduced from 87 down to 76, then we can handle all the reporting inhouse, and not have to involve outside police and judicial organizations. This reduction would therefore mean that all happenings would be held confidential within the 10-Ring; we emphasize that these reports would be used ONLY for the amusement of the Dungeon Staff ("Damn! I didn't think the human physique could bend THAT radically!") AND (if necessary) for blackmail purposes to achieve Da' Rabbi's pharmacologically distorted outlook on the fundamental objectives of existence. You don't like it? Talk to Tazz!
-- The beer will be chosen by Tazz; this bit of administrative duty seems to be within his capabilities. All other planning and logistics will be performed by the PROs FROM DOVER down here in the dungeon.

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