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Hey Sammi, that "Tazz in a two piece" ploy worked well! I knew that would get everybodies attention!

Ok now, relax everyone, the only two piece anyone is ever going to see me get into is going to be on some hot little 10's HOT sexy FEMALE body! The 10 Ring

As for the brew selection, we have Widmer Hefewiesen, Widmer Dopple Bock, Pyramid Snow Cap, Red Hook, and i am taking requests for members favorites.

Sorry people, no Crudweiser, Miller, Coors, Olympia, Milwalkees Worst, Brew 102, Colt 45, or anything like them. I just can't be part of helping anyone ruin their taste buds, not to mention their health!

Oh, and since our scheduled speaker isn't happ'n'n, yours truly will speak on the subject of "The Speier Mobius Pretzel & Quantum Relativity Twisted into Tread". This will take place on Feb 29th at so that we all have a chance to get over it before we break into those kegs.

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