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Sent off an email to JD Jones regarding the development of a .224 Boz equivalent. Below is what he had to say.

"First I would scrap the 22 idea. 6.5---30 cal would be more effective, far easier to make and load for as well as possibly producing enough recoil to operate the gun. I would think a test contender barrel to develop ballistics the first step after developing forming-reaming-loading dies. I would expect the form -- ream--load dies would run in the area of $6--800. Reamers--$-175, Just about everything I've heard from private military type sources in and out of the US RE the 224 BOZ has been quite negative. After seeing what happens in a test barrel is the time to start looking into putting it into an autopistol. I'll look at Glocktalk when I get time---I usually don't look at the "chat rooms" due to the excessive amount of dangerous and misinformation in them. One major point woulb be---what do you expect this round to do??? JD"

For those of you who are unfamiliar with JD--he is one of the most prolific wildcatters who ever walked, and builds everything from exotic TC Contender/Encore barrels to Class II/III works of art.

He asks a truly valid question--what do we want it to do?
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