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It's just a starting point I would say. If you saw the last post there by "benchjewler" on 6/28, all he needs is to have Kurt cut 22BR dies and have a barrel made and start resizing 22BR brass ----> 22BRS.
As Rusty said, they're working on one for a 45. The 308 case, which was the parent of the 22BR, is the parent of the 22 BRS (Bench Rest Short)as it's being called.
I'm not an expert on this stuff. But the only way to find out how much case capacity it'll have is for someone to make the brass and do that "water test" as I think I heard to find out the volume.
The case is strong, and for experimenting, you want that, at least that's what I would want personally. Later, if this round catches on, and testing shows that the case pressues are lower/significatly lower then what the parent case can handle, the case can be redesigned, increasing volume. At that point, someone could ask Starline or another brass maker to mass produce it. But in the testing phase....... This stuff takes time and $$$$$$.
It took time to for us to find out the world was round, and it took time for us to get to the moon, one small step at a time. It'll take time to get the 22BRS tested. (The Boz went through a lot of testing....those damn Brits spent lots of pounds on it I bet.)

Here's a dumb thought....I think it's dumb, but..... Any one think of making a Boz case duplicate, except for the caliber? Make it into a .17 caliber (.172"). A little small....

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