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Apparently the 10mm case is able to hold the pressure more then the Glock 20 that was used in the Boz test.....I am told..that it was beat up by the Boz and then knecked down 10mm case held up just whats the point of the rifle cartridge, its really not needed is it? The thicker base would only serve to limit powder capacity, all lengths being equal to 10mm, which might limit some powder choices.....

What would gain in the Boz to use a rifle case? We already have the 9 X 25 case that is part way down to a 223 already, no more hassle with it and its not that far down from 9mm to 30 caliber for the Sabots....(When Mr. Tazz ever starts shipping them)

So Tazz.....wazzznew with the sabots?
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