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Tazz, I've been sitting here by my reloading bench this hole time! I got 500 new 10mm cases all primed up and I'm ready to break into one of my ammo cans from IMI filled with 223 55grn tips, got my powder dry, got my 10mm dies all set up in the press, I just need some 10mm/223 sabots. What’s the word, are you gonna be able to make it happen?

Like to start off with say 2,000. Man I am getting tempted to buy a Taurus raging hornet while I'm sitting here waiting, but then I would have to carry two hog legs into the back country.

Those damn Limeys are reading our posts, Civil Defense, has got a lock on this deal. I've exchanged emails with them, they said they have read the posts. There laughing at us they say there is no way, your gonna pull this off! They are laughing at Lietner too, they say Lietner is operating on a shoestring with no insurance and they wont make it either. Your reputation is on the line here Tazz, in fact you represent the American Gun industry now, these englishmen who have given up their rights to personal firearms say they have exclusive rights to this deal, they say this 223XR is never to be.

Just think how it will feel when your being interviewed by Guns & Ammo about the new cartridge you designed, think of all the free publicity Agrip will get.....forget the Kayaks and seals man, it will be yachts, beluga caviar and the south seas for you!

While Ted Nugent is blasting warthogs, you will be popping gazelles and dingos at 200 yards off hand with your 223XR!

By the way, have you made any progress?

MMM=Million Mislead Moms
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