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Yea, I have been waiting for Leitner to release the round to no avial. If it comes out, I for one intend to neck it down to .223! The lead guy at Leitner apparantly worked on the Boz project with those gun control Brits and CD has nothing good to say about Leitner, says they have no insurance flying by the seat of their pants. My question is does Leitner believe in the RKBA, cause CD sure as hell does not!!!

Tamara, Can I have both...(smile) I would like at least decent enough off hand accuracy to pop some varmits with a 6 or 7" barrel and spring change out of my G20 at ohhh at least 75 to 100 yds. This would make such a trail Gun, a super 22 and a 10mm, the woods would be safe again....and it could all be concealed!

I see nothing wrong with having the means to even the playing field when bad guys dress in kevlar suits, its just not common and scares the government types. Thats just not my main goal, I'm a sportsman first!

I prefer the 10mm case, it has more capacity and was designed for higher working pressures. Decent 223 velocities could be acheived out of the 7.62 X 25 Tokerav. I would consider Leitners case in either caliber 30 or 223 but we dont have it yet! Barrels could be made in the 30 cal from Bar Stow.

Soooo right now......all our hopes and dreams rest on the shoulders of our leader, Tazz the industrialist/inventor/craftsmen, who is very close to cracking this thing with sabots. Soon I look forward to little boxes of 10mm to 223 plastic sabots showing up on my doorstep, in designer colors no less!

Guns don't raise criminals, mommies do!
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