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Ahem, ok, I'm willing to give em a try!

NJW in AZ, you never asked me: (what kind of hash were you guys using?)

There are three choices as I see it; (with regards to using Sabots)

1. 10mm to 224 Sabots that fits right in the 10mm case and we just shove a 224 point in, change some springs lock and load. (Tazz is has these in the development phase by now, I'm sure, Tazz is a consument reloader and wildacatter he has been all over this project from the get go....)

2. We can use the 9X25 brass, A; neck it down to 30 caliber and use the 30/224 sabots already available or B; neck it all the way down to 224! (my personal favorite)

3. We can use 7.62 by 25 or 30 mauser brass and use the sabots (30cal to 223) or neck them down to 224. I think these will cycle from the breach side, but not as perfect as #2 above. (brass has less capacity) No problem here to get a company to make us a barrel or reamer and dies.

The only one that doesn’t require reamers for barrels and new dies and the like is #1. Although I believe we could get barrels, we just change the neck angle, this is an American thing... Were not going to have some English company dictate what kind of wildcat cartridges we can develop. There are plenty of American gun smiths and machinists that are not going to stand for that!

The best accuracy will come from #2 plan B where we neck it down to 224. 9 X 25 Dillion Brass is made by Starline and it is as strong as 10mm. Nobody is going to stop us from going to 10mm to 30 caliber, heck even the smiths that signed the non- compete/disclosure would build our barrels and reamers and dies on that one for us. (#2 plan A)

Were at a standstill right now, because Tazz is seting up his reloader and entertaining! Can I get another Margarita please..........
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