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Hey Everyone, this is Stephen Alexander. My Wife, Bonniejean and I worked the 5 to Glock stage. I have worked this stage for all of the Beckley Shoots, This year Bonniejean ran the squad-ding, the last two shoots she mostly stayed under the big tent and helped with registration and club business. So here is my take on the the 2014 Coalfield Mudbog.

Heck yeah!!! It was a blast. On 5 to Glock we had a great crew. I would Like to again thank, Jeremy Kifer and Rodney Leeber for jumping in on Saturday and helping all day. These two were the keys that made if possible for us to run all three bays. Rodney said it best when around one o'clock on Saturday he turned around and observed, "hey whats going on, there is supposed to be a hundred angry people standing behind us". At which time one person, with a smile on his face, said "I'm angry" and all of the 10 to 15 folks standing there laughed. I know in the past our stage was slow and it caused some folks to get a bit "grumpy", I heard non of the moans and grones I have heard in the past. Also a big thank you to Jim Sizemore, Alex Adkins and all of the other regular BGC folks that gave up their weekend to put on a great shoot. In the past on Saturday around midday I am starting to get uncomfortable with how the shooters experience is going, and I am trying to talk to folks and get their minds off of the waits. This year every one was happy and focused on shooting. When I heard the numbers at the end of the day Saturday I was amazed.

Great call by Bob and James, to swap the 5 to Gock and The Plates bays. I know the Plate shooters and staff had to deal with a bit of mud. but the foot traffic pasting the tombstones really created a mud fest last year. It was a ton better this year.

Sunday was a perfect day. The rain stayed away, the temperature was mild, the match ran perfect, and to top it off Bonniejean won a pistol certificate!!!!

The Red shirts this year did an outstanding job. It really is an amazing thing GSSF does and it takes great folks to pull it off.

The competitors. I have really only been involved in the shooting sports for the last three years. The people are the reason. You guys rock. You're gun is down, here use mine. You need AMMO to do a reshoot, I have some in the car. I heard all of these things more than once this weekend. Along side of the teaching, ribbing, and laughter!!!

See you next year in Beckley, and maybe a few time in between!
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