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Bob F.
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Thanks for the kind words. Hadn't shot a GSSF match since last year's Coalfields Mudbog. I'd forgotten how much fun they are. We've been doing 3gun and, in comparison, the GSSF matches are a breeze, except for the numbers. Official number this year was 437!!! despite global warming. This crew of "red shirts" were a major contributing factor to making this easy. I arranged for the tent & port-a-johns and James & I begged for RO's. Glock did everything else, and that was a lot.

Speaking of RO's we had a couple brand new ones. They caught on quickly and did really well. We managed to run this with 30 volunteers so you can imagine they worked their butts off. As a result, the club officers voted to give 5 Glock certificates in the RO drawing. Glock seemed surprised at this, but these folks really put in a lot of work and deserved the rewards. Wish we'd have had 30 certificates.

Looking forward to next year and shooting in some others in the meantime.

Y'all stay safe.

It was so much fun seeing some of the regulars and meeting new friends. Wish I had time to BS with 'em all like Wilhelm did. That's really a huge part of GSSF.
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