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Doc Holiday
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Arrived at 1350 hrs. Had pre-registered.
Muddy. Very Muddy.
3 arrays for 5 to GLOCK and GLOCK M. Shot 3 simultaneously! 2 Plate racks.
Wonderful RO staff.
Shot 6 divisions.
Rodney Leeber of Team Carver Mounts GAVE me 100 rounds of .45 ammo and offered me use of a pistol when mine quit. The GLOCK armorer did a great job and fixed my G30 SF, but I still borrowed Rodney's bullets.

James, his daughter Brit., Bob, Billie, Steve, his wife, and so many other wonderful volunteers were working the match. GREAT JOB!!!

Mark Ramsey, Mark Leeber, and Patti Norton were wearing the red shirts and were helpful as always!!! Very efficient!!

Beckley Gun Club does a great job every year...this year in torrential rain.

One of my fav matches!
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