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Squading still has some issues here but they got resolved quickly.
The rain started yesterday and as steady till about 10:30am I think. Caused me to take my time and settle down while I shot the stages too.
Just had to help out as the crowd started to arrive around 0930 - 1000. We all got thru the match in record time and had fun working with folks as well.

Wish I could swap my Comp and Guardian scores but oh well it was a blast either way.

I think the range perked up and the shooting really took off after the rain let up. Was a good time to see all our many friends and get to visit if but between the shooting and pasting.

All the RO's worked hard and the Red Shirts put out their best to keep the fun stuff happening with safety for all. We certainly appreciate all the work behind the scenes as well as the easy stuff you all do for us, the shooters.

Would have liked to hang around longer but I have a urgent work related call come in last night so I had to get my buns back soon.

I think the real compliment is, "We look forward to shooting the match again next year!"
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